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Call Kano. Or something.
I should have done this when I was actually going through her canon, but the cast of The Hunger Games just did their own posts like this, so better late than never... aha. orz

AIR, while not as full of hot buttons as other canons with which Kano shares her game, does cover a number of sensitive topics, including: suicide (attempted and successful), murder, disownment, amnesia, abandonment, and debilitating illness culminating in the death of a teenage girl. It is also based on an eroge, but I've taken Kano from the anime, which is completely clean and follows the story path of another haremette rather than Kano.

Comment here to tell me whether or not you're okay with Kano mentioning these things to your character. Canon is over, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem, but the events of the past summer have left enough of an effect on her that she won't just pretend it never happened.


Feb. 24th, 2015 09:21 am
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[In keeping with the virus, a very small Kano is sitting on her laptop, waving up at the camera, and has built a blanket fort out of a blue strawberry-print cleaning cloth. She shrugs.]

So, uh. Thanks for making everything interesting, community, but I don't really think I can go to class like this without a major risk of getting stepped on.

...Think I should try anyway?
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Alllllllllllll my friends are godne

Thats even worse than alp my friends are dead. Which theyre that too except some arnt dead anymore just gone. Stupid t people think gone is fun what ppl I mean com cp munity. Why

Kan[pma i by the butt figure can yuo come back andtel I dont care if you yel lat me for havingn it maybe youll come back. Ilu youre my friend in a friend way but also maybe in a not friend way / yeah thats it im soryr I lied can you be alive pls

Note to self serach
-bring back deads w/o them being zombies which are gros s
-dog food for cheap
-good ways to not fail school
-birds who r people
-ppl who are birds
-everybody is weird im weird
-why am i drunk
i didnt drink anything
is drunk fun

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Do you ever see something that reminds you of something important, even though it's stupid? Like a name in a totally different context.

I dunno. In completely unrelated news, it's a brand new school year and it's even harder to pretend that I actually know what to do with my life. My classes are all kinds of things and still ridiculously hard. I swear I'm moving to Hikarizaka.
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I know I have to live for everybody else. It might just be me, but I don't want to do that anymore. Yeah, the community punishes you if you look too hard into what makes it work, but honestly, I'd prefer being turned into a toad to just letting everyone disappear. We lost three more people in the last two days, and that's just people I know.

I'm gonna try and find out everything I can. Maybe I'm not a genius, but there's gotta be some kind of pattern for this. Or at least a way to find out how to make a miracle. Some way to get everyone back and keep more people from disappearing.

...Except Water Filter-san. She can stay gone.
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If you ever thought you should probably go find a girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever-friend in the same place you'd go buy a used lobster trap, this is why you probably shouldn't.

I've been laughing for hours.

(Link is nsfw yet highly hilarious.)
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Do you think I could teach a dog to drive a bus?

(Link is to a worksafe doujin preview crossing over multiple Key works -- you may recognize Yumemi/Reverie and Yui, and Kyousuke also appears, though I don't believe it shows anyone else we have or used to have.)
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*At first the video only shows snow out the window -- the camera's obviously been pushed against the glass. It pulls back and around to show Kano sitting on the train, smiling.*

So we get snow for this year's virus, I guess. What a thing to come home to. Do you think it'll be snowing in Kasumi Town, too? That might be... uh, interesting.
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This was a terrible idea. Naturally, Kano and Kyousuke were all over it.

You could spot them running around an assortment of worlds causing harmless trouble, staring at things, laughing, and bolting off to the next area before they could be caught. Take this opportunity to stare, try to corner them, mutter about this weirdness to your canonmates and/or whoever else, or... whatever you very well want.

(You can also make your own posts gossiping with other community members about these weirdos. Make your own threads and we shall get to them! As a reminder, here is the plotting post, but you can also just jump in now. We'll also have a main thread going on where they just. Do whatever.)
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...If you can still hear me where you are, I want to apologize for everything. But you wouldn't want that, huh? You got on my case enough about that before.

So... I guess I'll say that I'm going to keep living, like you wanted. Maybe I'll see you again someday. I'll try to. A couple of months for me was a thousand years to you before, so maybe it's my turn. Heh, I'm sounding like I'm going to live a thousand years. I probably would have been happy with that. Maybe I'd live until we had space colonies, and I could go live on the moon or something. That might be fun.

...Oh, yeah. You might not even remember me.

But hey, if you don't... just know that you were my best friend, okay? Seriously. Even more than Potato, and it takes a lot to dethrone him, considering he was my only friend for about forever.

If I do have to go a thousand years without seeing you, I guess it's only fair. Maybe to you it'll be a couple of months this time.

So, uh, if you see this? Thanks for everything. I hope I did something worthwhile for you, too.
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Kano, being a bored teenager in a small fishing village in the middle of winter, had found herself with plenty of time to set this up. The old elementary school was now mostly dusted, its equipment shed broken into for the abandoned contents (scooter boards, pylons, wiffle balls, and bean bags were now all set up in the gym). One classroom had the desks piled in various configurations to make a maze. Two others had been transformed into towering blanket forts. There was a small grill standing outside for fish on the foggy, snow-less ground.

Kano stood in front of the door with a grin.
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The universe is going to pot.

Who came up with that saying, anyway? It sounds stupid. I'm just imagining this flower pot with a bunch of people stuffed into it, not talking to each other and falling off somebody's windowsill.
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So, uh. I got Water Filter-san's wand.

What do I do with it?
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So my awesome eternal rival is back and doesn't remember me. On top of that, his eternal rival, who isn't really awesome at all and is actually kinda creepy, is back and from the future and probably doesn't remember me, either.

This community is kinda confusing. I'm not sure whether I dodged a bullet or not.
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I'm sorry, guys. For worrying you all. I'm fine now. I saw all kinds of things... but it's a secret! A really huge, important secret! Actually, it's not. I just thought it'd sound better that way.

But, hey, hey! Magic and curses and magical beings really do exist! Even Sis believes me now. She saw everything I saw. I owe a lot to Yukito-kun and Kamio-san, huh?

Even if I can't go to the sky right now, I like being here in Kasumi, too.

[locked to friends, easily hackable]

I didn't find her, but that doesn't mean she wasn't here. And I... saw my mom, but I didn't apologize for being born.

"You don't have wings, so be happy down there", huh? You guys were right. I'm happy to be here after all.


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